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Many Roles. One Goal.

  • ​​Air Posse - (Area observation, search and rescue support for residents and law enforcement since 1941.) 
  • Chaparral Posse - (Patrol, security, special details, operations, administrative functions
  • and community support county wide, contact:
  • ​​Communications Posse - (Amateur radio operators providing support for MCSO.)
  • Community Outreach Posse - (Supporting Arizona fallen and injured law enforcement.)
  • Community Services Posse "Comserv"  - (Serving the community by assisting MCSO deputies in a wide variety of opportunities.)
  • Crime Prevention Posse 
  • D.A.R.E.S. Posse - (Desert Alpine Reserve Emergency Services support since 1961, primarily assisting with search and rescue and law enforcement.) 
  • Desert Foothills Posse - (Providing armed volunteer patrol support in Cave Creek and Carefree.) 
  • Dreamland Villa Posse  - (A Community supported and based posse who assist Deputy’s and the Community in the Dreamland Villa area of east Mesa.) 
  • East Valley Mounted SAR Posse- (Monthly training rides, with pack-in capabilities for search and rescue.)  
  • Emergency Response Posse- (Assisting MCSO with coordination and evacuation of emergency events to include Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Members must be current posse members, QAP, and selected to join the program.)  
  • Enforcement Support Posse - (Assisting MCSO in all areas of law enforcement.)
  • Executive Posse - (Qualified Armed posse group of business, medical, engineering, legal, and law enforcement professionals active & retired who assist patrol and search & rescue efforts.)
  • Fountain Hills Posse - (Patrol based eyes and ears for Fountain Hills and Maricopa County.) 
  • High Desert SAR Posse- (ATV and 4x4 search and rescue for the northwest valley.)  
  • Instructor Posse ​- (Instructors teaching MCSO posse courses.)
  • ​Jeep Posse - (4 x 4 off road capable vehicle owners, (QAP), who assist on all call-outs and in every area of MCSO as requested.) 
  • Litchfield Park Posse  - (Community focused with an emphasis on patrols, vacation watch and special events, contact: )
  • Maricopa K-9 Posse - (Non-profit volunteer, canine search and rescue posse., contact )

  • Maricopa Mounted Posse
  • Medical Rescue Posse - (Providing experienced medical services to assist MCSO.)
  • ​Mesquite Mounted Posse - (Mounted Search and Rescue in the southwest valley.) 
  • Mountain Rescue Posse - (A Technical Search & Rescue Posse for MCSO trained to respond under any conditions.) 
  • North Valley Posse - (Protecting and Serving the North Valley Community Since 2002.)
  • Operations Posse
  • Queen Creek Crime Prevention Posse - (Community based, participating in community events and patrol support.)
  • Queen Creek Mounted Posse - (Search and rescue posse, participating in rodeos and equestrian events.) 
  • Rio Salado Mounted Posse
  • ​​Special Operations Air Posse
  • Sun City West Posse - (Taking action to make Sun City West a safer place to live. Sun City West Recruiting Email:
  • ​​Sun Lakes Posse - (Community based with a focus on crime prevention & education while supporting all law enforcement and community policing efforts of MCSO.)
  • Tactical Support Posse - (Assisting MCSO swat division.) 
  • Tactical Vehicle Posse
  • West Valley Posse -(Providing Patrol and Community Support.)  
  • Westbrook Village Posse - (Patrolling in Peoria and supporting MCSO since 1999.)​​


Though varied by skill set and interest, all the Posse groups have one goal - to support the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office personnel. All Posse groups train for, participate in, and respond to missions such as: Search & Rescue, Crime Prevention, Civic Functions, Disaster Relief and Emergency Support. There are many ways you can help support the Sheriff's office.

There are many different posse groups to choose from.                                                          

 (Updated: 12/04/2017)